Chris Niarchos Appco Photo


Chris Niarchos

Founder of Cobra Group and Appco Group

Chris Niarchos is the founder and chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies. The group has a diverse range of subsidiaries specialising in areas including business start-up investment and incubation, software development, telecommunications and high-performance race car design and manufacture.

Cobra Group also includes a hugely successful sales and marketing subsidiary, Appco Group, which is now established in more than 25 countries around the world. Appco secures millions of new customers each year for clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, energy and home delivery. In addition, the organisation provides professional fundraising services on behalf of a large number of charities across the world.

In his role as leader of the Cobra Group, Chris uses his extensive business experience and skills to set the strategic direction for the companies operating within it, and he works to ensure that the aims of each of these organisations are met.

While the group is diverse and spans a number of industry sectors, its companies are unified by a common theme: Chris’ commitment to opening up opportunities for the individuals who are connected to them. A natural leader, he uses his partnership approach to maximise the potential of businesses and to enable the people within them to achieve their personal and career objectives.

Having built his own company from the ground up, starting in Australia at the age of just 22, Chris knows exactly what it takes to nurture an enterprise from its initial phases and to transform it into a long-term success. Under his guidance, the Cobra Group continues to build on its existing achievements and to add to its portfolio.

As Chris Niarchos interviews reveal, he also has a passion for motorsports. Although he has long since retired from the racetrack, he maintains a business interest in the sport. In 2011, his team CRS Racing joined forces with McLaren Motorsport to form McLaren GT, a manufacturer of world-class race cars.