The key to keeping a balanced perspective in business

As the leader of a business, it can be all too easy to lose your perspective. You might find yourself working all hours and, even when you’re not officially on duty, your thoughts might be consumed by the latest developments in your company.

If you’re not careful, you could find it impossible to keep a balanced view of your business – and on life more generally. With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, I know that maintaining a clear perspective can sometimes be difficult, but here are some techniques I’ve picked up that have made it easier for me to stay positive and in control.

Manage your time effectively

Effective time management is a must for all businesspeople. If you don’t plan your days properly, you will quickly start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.

Part of time management is prioritising the most important tasks and focussing on them first. It’s also important to delegate responsibilities to suitable people within your organisation. If you try to micromanage too many elements of your company, you won’t give yourself the time you need to set the strategic direction for your business.

Take care of your health

Trying to get by on minimal sleep, compensating with copious amounts of caffeine, filling up on convenient but unhealthy food and failing to get enough exercise are all things that many business leaders can relate to.

Bear in mind though, it’s difficult to stay mentally strong if you’re not looking after your physical wellbeing. If you’re unfit, tired and generally rundown, you’ll find managing your company more difficult. So, even when you’re busy, it’s important to put some time and effort into staying healthy. This could involve adopting a better sleeping routine, changing your diet and squeezing exercise sessions into your daily routine.

These things can all help you to keep a clear head and cope more easily with any difficulties you encounter in your work. They’re also important for your long-term health, so this isn’t an issue you can afford to ignore.

Make time for friends and family

Many – if not most – entrepreneurs fail to achieve a good work-life balance and it certainly can be a challenge. But not seeing enough of your family and friends, or simply taking time out for yourself, can make you lose sight of what’s really important and why you’re striving for business success in the first place.

By reserving some personal time in your schedule, you should find it easier to keep sight of the bigger picture and ensure your stress levels stay in check.

As founder and chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, Chris Niarchos is responsible for setting the strategic direction for all the businesses within the group, including AGS Global Fundraising Services. As the leader of an international conglomerate, he knows exactly what it takes to keep a clear head in business.

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