5 childhood traits that can create success in business

Young girl in a superhero capeExperience is usually an invaluable attribute in business. In most cases, we become older and wiser as we learn from both our successes and failures. We find new and better ways of approaching challenges, we become more aware of risks, and we develop tried and true strategies.

However, with all that experience, you can also lose something – be it natural instinct, boundary-less creativity or the ability to be bold. These are traits kids have in spades, so I thought I’d look at what other characteristics children have that can benefit us in business.

1. Self-belief

When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll tell you anything from a footballer, to a singer, to an astronaut.

That sort of genuine self-belief that we can do and be anything we want is important to hang on to, whether you’re starting your own business, progressing your career or working towards a personal objective.

Having complete confidence in your ability to succeed is not only the best way to do so, it’s also the best way to bring other people on board with your plans.

2. Fearlessness

Weighing risk against reward is a daily occurrence in business.

But while it’s important to be aware of negative outcomes, it’s essential that those thoughts don’t dominate every decision you make.

Children have a unique sense of fearlessness, and a dash of that can help you be bold and explore an idea you otherwise wouldn’t have. Sometimes the risky move is the right one!

3. Enthusiasm

While a child’s energy can be exhausting for the adults around them, their enthusiasm for every activity is something we can learn from.

Having passion for what you do and demonstrating that passion to others is a great way to stay motivated and inspire people.

Positivity is infectious, and it’s a great thing to have filter throughout your business.

4. Resilience

“When you fall off the horse you have to get back on.” It’s an expression quoted at us throughout our lives, and there’s a lot of truth to it.

From when we are very young, we are told that if we fail we should try again – and there’s no reason that lesson should ever stop.

In business, challenges are inevitable, so being equipped to deal with them and not react to every setback as though it’s the end of the road is crucial.

5. Imagination

The ability to think outside the box is such an obvious benefit in business, and so a touch of childhood imagination might make all the difference.

As adults, our creativity can be dimmed by our acceptance of reality, but for children, the idea of ‘the impossible’ doesn’t really exist.

If you can see life through a child’s eyes, you’ll be less aware of boundaries and more able to innovate.

Chris Niarchos is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of The Cobra Group of Companies, which specialises in incubating, developing and managing a portfolio of start-up enterprises and successful companies.

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