About Chris Niarchos

Chris Niarchos is committed to the principle that we should all strive to be something more and, as founder and chairman of Appco Group, he has adopted the ‘Be Something More’ phrase as his company motto.

‘Incredibly special’

Chris believes that ‘Be Something More’ isn’t simply a corporate slogan; it’s also a major part of his life and is incredibly special to him. He first came across the saying as a boy when his mother gave him a poster that had the phrase printed on it. He put it on his bedroom wall, where it stayed until he moved out. According to the entrepreneur, this concept reflects his late parents’ outlook on life, which was that it doesn’t matter who someone is or what they do for a living; what really counts is that people aim to do something with their lives rather than just going through the motions. Chris puts this idea into practice throughout his working life, always striving for excellence and helping those around him to do the same. He believes that the phrase ‘Be Something More’ encapsulates what his company and its people do.

Good causes

As well as influencing his approach to business, the saying has inspired charitable contributions from Appco Group. For example, in 2014, the company sponsored Alex Watkiss to cycle 4,000km across Australia from Perth to Bondi Beach in Sydney. The charity ride took place to raise money for quadriplegic Zane Conroy, a South African who broke his neck when diving into Sydney Harbour in 2010. Appco covered the costs of the ride and provided ancillary vehicles and support, and the money raised was given to Zane to help cover his medical and care costs.

The ‘Be Something More’ principle is also part of The Cobra Group Foundation. Set up in 2011, this foundation provides support to good causes around the world and it has contributed resources to a wide range of initiatives, including school building programmes in the Philippines, projects for Aboriginal communities in northern Australia and orphanages in Laos. It has also given money to victims of the bushfires in Australia and floods in the UK, and is always on the lookout for more projects and causes to get behind.

Spreading the message

Guided by the ‘Be Something More’ motto, Chris continues to aim for brilliance in all he does and, through its many partnerships with organisations and individuals around the world, Appco Group helps others to do the same.